About Us!

We are licensed, bonded, travel agents who have extensive personal travel experience and certification from the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).

We belong to the Better Business Bureau because we believe YOU should care about our integrity and honesty.

We are members of a consortium called "The Consortium" so that we can provide you great values combining the buying power of a large organization with the personal service level of a small company.

We were managers and directors in large corporations prior to our current positions as owners, managers, and travel agents here at Dimensions Travel. As a result, we bring a business perspective to our leisure business. For example, we have no corporate business....NONE! All of our time and effort is dedicated to our clients' leisure travel. We are vacation experts!

We believe that all people work hard, experience stress and need to renew, recharge and relax on their vacations. We take your vacation seriously!